Tintin remembers what comes after 15.


This literally gets reblogged every 15th of the month. It’s almost two years old. It’s beautiful.

The crown was the only offering she’d kept. The rest she sold, to gather the wealth she had wasted on the Pureborn. Xaro would have sold the crown too—the Thirteen would see that she had a much finer one, he swore—but Dany forbade it. “Viserys sold my mother’s crown, and men called him a beggar. I shall keep this one, so men will call me a queen.” And so she did, though the weight of it made her neck ache.

Yet even crowned, I am a beggar still, Dany thought. I have become the most splendid beggar in the world, but a beggar all the same. She hated it, as her brother must have. All those years of running from city to city one step ahead of the Usurper’s knives, pleading for help from archons and princes and magisters, buying our food with flattery. He must have known how they mocked him. Small wonder he turned so angry and bitter. In the end it had driven him mad. It will do the same to me if I let it. Part of her would have liked nothing more than to lead her people back to Vaes Tolorro, and make the dead city bloom. No, that is defeat. I have something Viserys never had. I have the dragons. The dragons are all the difference.
Dany was always remarkably patient with and tolerant of Viserys and only turned against him once he threatened to kill her unborn child. Still, while she appreciated that he kept her alive and informed of who she was for all those years I don’t think she really GOT it until now. How could she? Viserys wasn’t the best brother someone could ask for but he did mostly shield her from the mockery. Now she came to Qarth to get an army and is being fobbed off and starts to see and compare her situation to Viserys and understand why he was the way he was. This crown has no sentimental value to her and it’s not an heirloom but she hates being a beggar queen and she knows that he was called the beggar king ever since he sold the crown so she will be damned if she parts with it. She doesn’t really have much more going for her than he ever did and is further from Westeros than Viserys was when he wed Dany to Drogo but she has the dragons. She has to believe that will make the difference.  (via sarah1281)